We combine data, technology, and expertise for customers that own or invest in energy assets and markets, so they better anticipate events impacting their growth.

LawIQ Overview

Our Origin

Get to know CEO – Chip Moldenhauer

As a practicing energy regulatory attorney, Chip believed more data could be harnessed to inform complex and costly critical infrastructure operations. Following in the footsteps of an entrepreneurial family and capitalizing on character traits he honed as a naval officer, Chip started LawIQ – now a leading provider of energy industry regulatory, legal, and market analytics software and advisory services.

Our Purpose

Enabling Energy Infrastructure

LawIQ’s team believes in America’s energy independence and envisions a future of robust infrastructure for sustainable sources. We are proud to combine technology and expertise to help customers develop and operate infrastructure by maximizing predictability to maximize returns on capital, regulatory effectiveness, and consumer availability.

Our Culture

Collaborative, Committed, Contrarian

Helping our customers and each other grow is a core value that often requires us to challenge our assumptions and embrace diverse perspectives. We collaborate across disciplines and commit to always provide customers a viewpoint that is driven by data and infused with experience. Sometimes we respectfully challenge their conclusions. Together, we find more questions and more answers to grow.

Commitment - We are motivated to serve our team members, customers, and then ourselves, so we can grow and succeed together.

Energy - We are enthusiastic about the contributions we can make to our customers, families and communities.

Candor - We are always genuine and honest, even when we are uncomfortable because we want the best ideas to prevail.

Humility - We speak through our results and would rather compliment a teammate’s contribution than our own.

Enterprising - We set long-term goals that require risk-taking,grit, and continuous improvement, because excellence is a journey.


Chip and Terry’s early career experiences aboard submarines and surface warships imparted in them the importance of mission, team, and focus as the foundations of excellence. 

After matriculating together at the U.S. Naval Academy and completing their naval service, Chip went on to practice law in the energy industry advising senior executives making critical infrastructure decisions.

Terry developed his career as an computer scientist and software engineer at the National Security Agency on the bleeding edge of data technologies.

Seeking the innovation and impact of entrepreneurship, they reconnected for breakfast on Veteran’s Day 2014 and embarked on solving a hard problem – acquiring and structuring a vast universe of regulatory filings to predict infrastructure development and operating schedules, costs, and returns.

Today, they are privileged to call a majority of large midstream energy companies customers, as well as leading financial firms, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and companies across the value chain.

Chip Moldenhauer

Founder, CEO
Former Attorney, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

Terry MacGregor

Founder, CTO
Principal Software and Analytics Engineer


We are a team of software engineers, data scientists, energy attorneys & analysts, and entrepreneurs who enjoy creating and building products, relationships, teams, and insights. Our diverse group of professionals is passionate about our mission and committed to serving customers by  collaborating across disciplines to always provide solutions and viewpoints driven by data and infused with experience.