LawIQ believes in America’s energy independence and infrastructure. But, the market’s inability to forecast the timing and outcomes of legal and regulatory risks is a costly constraint to progress.

LawIQ Overview


Our Founders’ legal and data analytics expertise gave them the experience and perspective necessary to found LawIQ and chart a course to develop a platform that customers profit from.

Chip and Terry’s early career experiences aboard submarines and surface warships reaffirmed that with the right mission, focus, and team the seemingly impossible could be achieved.

As an energy regulatory attorney, Chip recognized that objective, quantitative insights required by executives to better inform decision-making were in short supply. A seed was planted.

At the NSA and in private enterprise Terry developed systems for the real-time acquisition and processing of large, unstructured datasets. An ocean of opportunities existed.

Fast forward to Veteran’s Day, when, over breakfast at DC’s Old Ebbitt Grill, our company was born.

Chip Moldenhauer

Founder, CEO
Former Attorney, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

Terry MacGregor

Founder, CTO
Principal Software and Analytics Engineer


Our bench also includes an advisory team that have walked-the-walk, including the Former CEO of Rosetta Stone, who took the company public during the recession, energy data pioneers, former senior executives at FERC and DOE, and FinTech entrepreneurs.


The best ideas are only as good as the people behind them. Our small, but diverse “wardroom” includes enterprising professionals passionate about our mission and driven to succeed. We’re attorneys, data scientists, software engineers, and energy analysts.