The Permian Edge

Actionable All-Source Project Intelligence

Assess project viability from concept to completion for natural gas, crude, NGLs with LawIQ's Permian Edge all-source dashboard.

Permian Edge All-Source Project Intelligence

The Permian Edge Advantages

What Every Commodities Trader Needs

Permian Edge Icons
1 Sharpen forecasts of in-service dates and measure Developers’ commitment levels
2 Save research time with proprietary “commitment scoring” methodology
3 Gain timing fidelity from county land records 12 months prior to construction
4 Access satellite analysis as in-service dates approach

More Features

  • Proprietary Project Commitment Score
  • Comprised of 16 metrics across 4 project phases
  • Satellite Imagery Interpreted by Experts
  • In-Service Forecasts
  • Right of Way and Condemnation Actions
  • Crude, Natural Gas, and Liquids
  • Delivered to your inbox monthly

Project Phases

Permian Project Phases
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Get a Permian Edge