Predictive Analytics for Power Transmission Projects

LawIQ Energy’s analytics, intelligence, and expert team transform millions of impenetrable filings into actionable Insights and project predictions so companies that build, operate, and invest in power transmission assets can minimize risks and deploy capital with confidence.

Quantify the Queue, Minimize risk, Reduce Costs, Maximize Returns

  • Get ahead of the Grid by creating an independent quantified view of queuing and interconnection to drive better business decisions.
  • Profit by generating probabilistic forecasts to precisely model and plan project schedules, costs, ROIs
  • Prepare better to navigate states’ disparate regulatory processes.
  • Target business development opportunities ahead of competitors by accessing and analyzing contract data and measuring market demand.
  • Reduce the cost of thousands of analyst labor hours and diffuse knowledge across teams by accessing all project related filings in one place
  • Track generation capacity with analytics from states’ and grid operators’ filings
  • Never miss impactful events with custom real-time PJM alerts
  • Get answers and unbiased insights delivered to your inbox from industry experts and respond to critical issues with on-call tailored analyses

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