LawIQ Wins Contract to Provide Analytics to FERC

Washington, DC, February 27, 2018 - LawIQ, ( a developer of regulatory and legal analytics and intelligence services, announced today that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will purchase the LawIQ Energy web-based platform and intelligence services to assist its Office of Energy Projects in evaluating the permitting timelines for critical energy infrastructure projects based on over ten years of regulatory, legal, and financial filings, and a machine learning technology that continuously analyzes hundreds of variables impacting project schedules and costs. 

“LawIQ believes in America's energy independence and infrastructure,” said Chip Moldenhauer, CEO and Co-founder of LawIQ, “but today’s regulatory process is complex and hard to predict.  If market participants are not properly prepared to navigate the permitting landscape they experience costly constraints to progress.  We are proud to be selected to support FERC in its mission to ensure consumers obtain reliable, efficient and sustainable energy services at a reasonable cost.”

LawIQ was founded in 2015 by two U.S. Navy veterans with energy industry and computer science backgrounds to apply new data technologies to regulatory and legal domains that enable energy industry leaders to compete with confidence by fully understanding and managing regulatory risk, benchmarking their projects against precedent, and accessing the most precise predictions available for the outcomes and timing of permitting and legal decisions.  

The company is growing rapidly by expanding its team of industry, data, and regulatory experts, and applying its technology to the state-based agency processes that regulate the electric power industry, including transmission and distribution projects. LawIQ customers include energy infrastructure developers, financial and commodities firms, and energy supply chain engineering and construction companies. 

About LawIQ:  LawIQ ( is a leading provider of regulatory and legal data analytics and intelligence services for blue chip energy and industrial corporations and financial  firms who need to deploy capital with confidence, manage risk, and maximize returns.  For the first time, millions of unstructured regulatory, financial, and legal filings are structured and obtainable in an intuitive platform that sets a new standard for capturing, monitoring, modeling, and forecasting regulatory events.  LawIQ’s team of lawyers, statisticians, and software experts apply industry knowledge and machine learning technologies to engineer data acquisition systems, create analytics, and originate insights that reveal regulatory and legal intelligence and predict permitting milestones.     ###

Media Contact: Craig Heilman