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Identify and anticipate events, and inform your essential decisions at the intersections of energy business, law, and strategy with data-driven Insights delivered to you with actionable viewpoints and visualizations.

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Natural gas, oil & liquids, and renewables infrastructure regulatory and permitting events, policy, litigation, pipeline asset management, rate-making and accounting, and the market impacts of these industry complexities and risks.

Our analytics and analyses harness cross-disciplinary experience, industry expertise, proprietary data acquisition engines to access and structure millions of regulatory, financial, and legal filings, and enable custom monitoring, modeling, and forecasting of infrastructure permitting, litigation, and market events.

A point of view. Developed for customers. Delivered with data.

Our customers tell us it’s hard to find energy industry content that provides objective points of view. We publish Insights to generate dialogues, inform functional teams, and enable senior leaders to make critical decisions.

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Relied upon by executives, commercial teams, traders, fundamental analysts, project teams, and marketers.


Spot, Interpret Regulatory
and Legal Events

C-suite executives read biweekly Insights as a source of independent, unbiased, data driven viewpoints on energy infrastructure regulatory and legal events. The analyses and visualizations create cross-functional dialogues on topics such as risk management, and project and asset optimization. 

Inform Trading,
Commodity, Equity Positions

Some of the world's largest commodities trading desks rely on LawIQ's twice-weekly Insights to anticipate and explain events impacting midstream market activities to inform trading signals, commodity positions and equity valuations.


Forecast Project
In-Service Dates

Market leading developers use LawIQ's Insights to access predictive analytics and expert analyses of regulatory (e.g., FERC), legal and market events impacting forecasts of in-service dates and other regulatory milestones for their major infrastructure projects, such as interstate pipelines and LNG terminals. 

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Our energy regulatory, legal, and market professionals, alongside our software engineers and data scientists, can give you the data, technology, insights, and answers you need to:

  • Evaluate and benchmark infrastructure projects and assets
  • Access and analyze fuel transportation rates and routes 
  • Predict permitting timelines and manage regulatory risk
  • Model costs and financial fundamentals of midstream entities 

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LawIQ combines decades of experience in energy regulatory affairs and litigation, data science, software engineering, and entrepreneurship.