• Mar. 17 2017

    Chesapeake Energy – Back from the Brink?

    The Midcontinent Express Pipeline (MEP) stretches through northern Texas and Louisiana into Mississippi, providing transportation away from the Barnett Shale. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the firm contract capacity on the pipe is entirely supply push, largely serving exploration and production companies. And…

  • Dec. 21 2016

    Colonial Pipeline – A Bellwether?

    As if the liquids pipeline industry was not facing enough backlash with the growing protests surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, an explosion in Alabama — the second incident in two months — on the Colonial Pipeline system has escalated concerns.…

  • Dec. 15 2016

    Special Report: FERC Solicits Comments on New MLP Tax Policy  

    Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) in anticipation of the Commission’s revision of its 2005 Policy Statement on Income Tax Allowances. This NOI was in response to the July 1, 2016 decision of…

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